Capsule Endoscopy


What is Capsule Endoscopy?

Capsule Endoscopy lets your doctor examine the lining of the middle part of your gastrointestinal tract, which includes the three portions of the small intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum). Your doctor will use a pill sized video capsule called an endoscope that has its own lens and light source and will view the images on a video monitor. You might hear your doctor or other medical staff refer to capsule endoscopy as small bowel endoscopy, capsule enteroscopy, or wireless endoscopy.

Why is Capsule Endoscopy Done?

Capsule endoscopy helps your doctor evaluate the small intestine. This part of the bowel cannot be reached by traditional upper endoscopy or by colonoscopy. The most common reason for doing capsule endoscopy is to search for a cause of bleeding from the small intestine. It may also be useful for detecting polyps, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease), ulcers, and tumors of the small intestine.

As is the case with most new diagnostic procedures, not all insurance companies are currently reimbursing for this procedure. You may need to check with your own insurance company to ensure that this is a covered benefit.

Capsule Endoscopy has Evolved - MiroCam

Synmed is pleased to introduce the MiroCam Capsule Endoscopy System that offers significant benefits in quality, ease of use and cost savings over the existing systems in the market.

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MiroCam Advantages

Capsule Endoscopy has evolved - MiroCam

Highest Resolution: MiroCam captures and delivers the highest quality images with a resolution of 102,400 pixels (320x 320 pixel image resolution) Optimized imaging is provided through automatic brightness control while 6 white LED lights enable clearest image quality.

Longer Operation & More Accurate Diagnosis: With an operating time of more than 11 hours the MiroCam capsule provides images from the oesophagus to the colon ensuring that the capsule reaches the end of the small bowel.

Highest frame rate: MiroCam capsule captures images at 3 frames per second - At least 118,800 images are obtained (during 11 hours).

Smallest capsule size: At a tiny 11x 24mm -the capsule is the smallest available and can be easily swallowed.

Wide field of view: The MiroCam’s High precision lens system offers the widest field of view of 150 degrees thereby capturing more detail for a more complete diagnosis. For more information click on the following links:

Receiver Advantages

The MiroCam receiver is light and compact and uses standard ECG pads instead of the complex belt systems used by the competition. Comfortable for patients and convenient for clinicians.

Miro Cam Receiver

Software Advantages

MiroCam Capsule Endoscopy System

With the MiroView software you are not forced to use a dedicated workstation and there even a laptop version MiroView express that allows the videos to be reviewed at any location

Flexibility: With the MiroView software you are not forced to use a dedicated workstation and there is even a laptop version, MiroView Express, that allows the videos to be reviewed at any location.

Distributed in the UK by SynMed Limited:

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